This blog has been set up by the participants of the 21 Day ISC for Music teachers of KVS at ZIET Mysore in Jan-Feb 2014.

The Objectives of this blog are to :

  1. integrate ICT in all the endeavours of the  participants
  2. provide a forum for showcasing all the endeavours  of the 21 days
  3. provide easy access to  related information and resources for music teachers
  4.  serve as   a point of reference for music related information, activities and resources
  5.  provide links, collaborations and online interactions through the blog
  6. archive all the course content  with a view to disseminate  it as a resource
  7. update and nurture the resource bank on a continuous basis
  8. serve as a point of reference for newly inducted teachers as well as contractual teachers
  9. encourage music teachers to share their resources and skills
  10. support pedagogic understanding about the   significance of Music Education in the Primary classes


The blog has a huge collection of songs which are  of, for and by the KV teachers.

Teachers can easily access the song, video or reference by:

1. Select the category needed by clicking on the pages which are listed  on the top

2. scroll down the page to see all the resources listed

3. click on the resource that you need

4. the resource will open online

5. click on the downward arrow to download the audios

5 Responses to ABOUT THE BLOG

  1. Nice and huge work accomplished. Congratulations and greetings!

  2. Rishabh Bhardwaj says:

    Really ………Kudos to all of you Mary madam, Nandan Sir. Our collective effort has really done something unique and special.

    Missing ZIET MYSORE

  3. Rishabh Bhardwaj says:

    very nicely done done work under the tutelage of Shri Selvaraj sir…….

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