Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
Ministry of Culture, Government of India
15-A, Sector – 7, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
Telephone:(011) 25088638, 25309300 Fax: 91-11-25088637,


is a huge reference site for Music Teachers of KVs. Music teachers can use this reference for their stage programmes and also integrating their  classroom teaching with scholastic areas, as required by the KV Curriculum.

These pages provide key/core information on the art forms, the costumes and  related information which is lucid and authentic for school  activities.

The links for performing arts are  given here:

Dances of India
• Classical Dances
     Bharatnatyam Dances
     – Kathakali Dances
      Kathak Dances
      Manipuri Dances
      Odissi Dances
      Kuchipudi Dances
      Sattriya Dances
2. Music of India
• Hindustani Classical Music
• Carnatic Classical Music
• Regional Music
• Musical Instruments
3. Theatre Forms of India
• Theatre Forms
4. Puppet Forms of India
• Puppet Forms

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