Please click on the following title to view the video songs

by the participants-

  1. Song In-Service Course  ( Zindagi hai Koi Meeti.) 
  2. Naujavanon Song by Kori Sir 
  3. Naujavanon  Song  for Republic Day Celebrations 
  4. E vatan Ke Navajawanon 
  5. Naujavanon Desh Ki Takdeer Banado
  6. Agyaan ke andheron se hame 
  7. Bahut se pashchimon me song by- Kori sir and group 
  8. Saphaltaa Tumahare Charan Choom Legi by Vineet  
  9. Aisee Kheer Banaiye Saare 
  10. Garva Se Kahta Saara Song By Sulata Madam 
  11. Koti Koti  Kanthon Ne Gaaya 
  12. As we All Know Song by Sudheer Sir ( English Song – Programme at KV Mysore) 
  13. Har Paschimon ko purab banana hai (Audio)

Your feedback.. comments..queries...suggestions are welcome....

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