The following links are to  a rich resource treasure compiled by an ex- KV student from KV DRDO Bengaluru, Ms. Sujatha Ratnala, who has put together the background information, lyrics and videos of the songs, which  form  an essential part of the rich Curriculum of KV.

This is a good reference  site for all  Music teachers of KVs, particularly those who have joined  KVS as fresh teachers.

The resource can be used for teaching- learning in the primary classes. The videos are a great inspiration and  motivation , making teaching-learning a   valuable and memorable experience.

The videos can also be used in the Morning Assembly or in Activity Halls, depending on the Infrastructure available in each KV, as a background  for stage performances, on National  Days and Festivals.

Kindly  click on the text which will connect you to the internet   site  which hosts the resource

Kendriya Vidyalaya Prayer – Introduction, knowledge Base, Lyrics and Video of the KV Prayer ( a rich resource)

Indian National Pledge Introduction and Text of the Pledge ( English and Hindi)

Hum ko man ki shakti dena Introduction, Lyrics, Video 

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye (Gujarati) Introduction, lyrics, Video of the Song

Ai maalik tere ba.nde ham  

Janmakarini bharatham (malayalam) 

Dihitang Bole ( Bengali Folk Song)  Introduction, Lyrics and Video

Dhana dhanya pushpa bhara (Bengali) Introduction,

Lyrics and Video of the Song 

Maa Telugu Talliki (Telugu) 

Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate (kannada)  Video of the  Song 

Odi vilaiyaadu paappaa (Tamil)  Lyrics, Video  and translation of the Song

Aakash Ganga (Gujarati) Introduction, Lyrics and Video of the Song

Aata utavvu sare raan (marathi) Lyrics and video of KV students presenting the song 

Pillallara (Telugu) Introduction and lyrics of the Song

Cheluvina Muddina Makkale (Kannada)  Introduction  and lyrics of the song 

tumhii ho maataa ( Hindi Prayer based on Sanskirit Sloka) Introduction, lyrics, video of the song by Lata mangeshkar

Ai maalik tere ba.nde ham Introduction, Lyrics, Video of the song

Ye vakt ki aawaaz hein

Kendriya Vidyalaya Song –Lyrics 

Vijayi Vishw tiranga pyara Introduction, Lyrics, Video

of the Song( A.R.Rahman) of the Song 

Saare Jahan Se Achchha , Lyrics and Video of the Song

jaya-jaya-hein-bhagawati.html Lyrics and Video of the Song  

Jaya jana bharat Introduction, Lyrics and Video(presentation by KV Students)of the Song



  1. Anubhav says:

    I am an x-kv student (passed out im 2006). I m in search of the songs “Hi muhijo watan” & “aye mati re” . Plz send the lyrics/song download link to my email id, if possible..

  2. Malini pandey says:

    i m x student of kv..i m search of a welcome song .the words are swagatam subh swagatam.,saraswati k is mandir me vidyalaya k krinagan me..sada suman arpit krte hm..baram baram….plz send me the lyrics of this song..

  3. Mihir gopani says:

    I need new kV song lyrics “mera kendriya vidyalaya”plz give me link of lyrics if possible on my email address

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